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What is Insurance?

It is a contract between the insured and the insurance company whereby the insured financial risk is covered by the insurance company. The risk can be of your vehicle, property, legal etc. So effectively, you pass on the risk to the insurance company and they charge you a nominal sum of money for taking that risk which is called Insurance Premium.

What Happens in Real Life?

The answer to this lies in 2 questions “Why did I buy this insurance?” and “What product I bought?”.  Typically you buy insurance product as investment and not insurance.  That is why we say that Indians have actually not understood insurance in the right sense.  First of all less than 5% of the Indian have insurance policy and add to this, out of those who are insured, the average life insurance cover is less than Rs. 90000/-.

We all understand insurance as an investment and land up buying EXPENSIVE Product.  We all buy Endowment Money Back. ULIPs etc.  Now when you buy an expensive product, you will actually be the loser and the manufacturer and the middlemen will be the winner. Is it not? All one need is to have a simple Term Insurance Policy/Term Life Insurance Plan.


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